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Looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring, but you don’t know enough about purchasing diamonds? The Diamond Buying Guide presents the information you need on “how to buy a diamond.” Read on to discover diamond purchasing information that includes descriptions of the various diamond cuts, clarity, color, carat weight, certificates, and more.

An understanding of diamond grading will give you the technical information needed when making purchasing decisions. And learning about the available diamond shapes will help you narrow down your choices.

Where to Start When Buying Diamonds

If you want to learn the basics of diamond buying, start with our section on the “four Cs of diamonds” which explains the grading system for diamonds.

On the other hand, if you’d rather skip all of the studying and just jump to hand-selected links to diamonds you can purchase today, we’ve picked out close to 200 diamonds in a wide range of prices.

Diamond Size Chart

Diamond Size Chart
“How big is a one carat diamond”

Our printable Diamond Size Chart illustrates
the relative size of diamonds and will help you make a decision about what size diamond to buy.

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Diamond Education
4Cs of Diamond Grading | Diamond Cut | Diamond Clarity | Diamond Color | Carat Weight | Diamond Certificates | Diamond Size Chart | Diamond Fluorescence | Diamond Ring Settings | Diamond Glossary

Diamond Shapes
General Shapes Information | Asscher Cut Diamonds | Cushion Cut Diamonds | Emerald Cut Diamonds | Heart Shaped Diamonds | Marquise Cut Diamonds | Oval Diamonds | Pear Shaped Diamonds | Princess Cut Diamonds | Radiant Cut Diamonds | Round Brilliant Diamonds